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Expunge Record – Drug Testing For Welfare Recipients

Not exactly a record expungement article, but good find I think.  Makes you think.

With the recession firmly gripping the area, more Kentuckians are standing in line for government assistance. Rep Lonnie Napier wants to make sure those getting Uncle Sam’s help aren’t using drugs. “The people in Kentucky are not going to sit still and continue to supply people’s illegal drug habits on the tax dollar when the working man has to be tested and they don’t have to be tested,” says Rep. Napier. Napier’s bill would require random drug testing of people receiving food stamps, Medicaid and other state assistance. If someone tests positive, they are placed on 60 days probation and can enter rehab. If they refuse or test positive again, they lose the assistance. “If they test clean, then we’ll expunge that and it will go off their record,” says Rep. Napier. Rep. expunge record Mary Lou Marzian questioned if the Commonwealth could afford the rehab. “Wonder if you would be willing to raise some taxes to go towards treatment because we have no money for treatment?” Napier says there are safeguards in his bill to make sure children still receive assistance. Critics say Napier’s bill further stigmatizes people on public assistance. But several lawmakers in the hearing were ready to support the bill. “If they can drug test my 16-year-old boy let’s don’t even talk about not drug testing people who are receiving public funds,” says Rep. Ben Waide. But Chairman Tom Burch stopped Rep. Tim Moore from putting it to a vote. “If it’s in order sir, I would encourage a reconsideration that we vote on this good bill,” asked Rep. Moore. “I have not made that decision,” said Burch. “If you’re willing, I make it as an expungement motion or just a strong encouragement,” said Moore. “I’m not accepting the motion,” said Burch. Napier says Missouri passed similar legislation last week.

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