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Expunge Record Florida is getting a new look!

Need to expunge a criminal record?  Or want to learn more about Florida expungement?  How about take an expunge criminal record free eligibility test that will be reviewed by a Florida expungement attorney?  You can do all these things at Expunge Record Florida (.com)!  But, be on the look out for a new design in the next couple of days.  Yes, I am revamping my website to make it more appealing and user-friendly!  It has been a process though.  From bad code, to broken links, to missing content… I would prefer to just stick with what I’m good at – expunging criminal records (and sealing criminal records too)!   But I’ll do what it takes to make visiting my site a more user-friendly experience, so check back in a day or two to see the results!

And, as usual, don’t forget to check out some of our informative & helpful resources: Expunge Criminal Record Resources

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