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Expunge Record Florida – Florida Expungement Forms

There are a lot of Florida expungement forms that you will need in order to expunge your criminal record in Florida.   One of them is Form 40-024, which is a fingerprint card.  This exact form must be taken to any law enforcement agency for you to have an authorized law enforcement officer take your fingerprints.  You will then have to send this expunge criminal record fingerprint form, along with your application and certified disposition notices, to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to request your Certificate of Eligibility to either seal or expunge your criminal record.  You can find the form below:

Expunge Criminal Record Fingerprint Card

Remember, you have to use this exact form.  You cannot use the fingerprint cards typically available at any police station or law enforcement agency.  If you do not use this form, your application will be returned to you.  You probably don’t want to have this happen, since it takes about two months to be evaluated in the first place, putting you two months behind in the Florida expungement process (which keep in mind, already takes between 5-7 months on average)!

Expunge Record Florida will keep you updated on any changes in any Florida Expungement forms requirement on this blog.   To learn more about the Florida expungement process, please read:  Florida Expungement – The Who, What, When, Where, Why  & How.  Please also visit our Resources page or take our expunge criminal record free eligibility evaluation.

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