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Expunge Criminal Record – BREAKING NEWS!!

Turns out my post about record expungement laws changing last week was rather timely because on March 8, 2011 a new bill was introduced in the Florida House of Representatives: HB 1369. This bill, if passed, is to be named “Jim King Keep Florida Working Act” and will change the requirements for criminal record expungement in Florida – for the better!

The proposed effective date of the bill is July 1, 2011 so take heart if you have failed to qualify thus far under the current statutes. The bill description is as follows:

Criminal History Records: Designates act “Jim King Keep Florida Working Act”; authorizes chief judge in circuit to use senior judges or county court judges to hear expunction petitions; authorizes expunction of record containing more than one arrest; deletes provisions relating to limitation on expunging only records with one arrest; provides duties for private companies or individuals that disseminate public records subject to specified provisions; revises requirements for petition to expunge criminal history record; revises requirements for service of petitions to expunge records; provides for automatic qualification for expunction of records in certain circumstances; provides requirements for expunction of such records; provides for expunction orders; provides for procedure if FDLE or other criminal justice agency believes expunction order did not comply with requirements; provides that order expunging record under specified provisions does not require record be surrendered to court; provides that such record shall continue to be maintained by department & other criminal justice agencies.

Are you eligible today? Find out here: expunge record. But if not, check back in a few months!

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