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Find out if you qualify for Florida record expungement by filling out our simple, free online form. All criminal record expungement requests are strictly confidential. Eligibility for Florida expungement is determined under two separate Florida statutes…RECORD EXPUNGEMENT

Discover quickly and easily if you are eligible to expunge your record in Florida when you don’t know all the details about your case.  Or, learn the criminal history of someone else. Use this service for record expungement or to find our the truth about someone else…FLORIDA EXPUNGEMENT


Once you’ve sealed or expunged your criminal record, you may be interested in removing it from all private databases as quickly as possible.  We can help you remove your expunged record in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months or even up to a year…EXPUNGE CRIMINAL RECORD


Criminal Defense, Overturn a Previous Conviction, Civil Rights Restoration, Gun Rights Restoration, Pardons, Florida Record Expungement Do-It-Yourself System…EXPUNGE RECORD and more!

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